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Protect All:  For Future Needs Have Yearly, Certified, Audiological Hearing Health Records In Personnel and Medical Files.

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Text Box: ALPHA Audiology Hearing Health Services, Inc

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203-C  North Highway 79
(Hwy 79 @ Back Beach,   near  U.S Hwy 98)
Panama City Beach,  FL 32413

Contact Ph:  1.850.588.5460
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Text Box: Medical, Personnel Records, OSHA | EEO:  Employment Testing & Hearing Aids | Affordable Hearing Aids: 
Direct From Manufacturers | Quality, Not “FREE” (sales) Screenings
Text Box:                      Since March 2003,
      ALPHA Audiology is often asked:

Q: “What changes have you
        experienced the most?”

A:  Substantially more
       Requests for testing &  
       documentation of changes
          (Baseline, OSHA, Disabilty, Workers
                  Comp, Comparative Change)
           Certified, Annual 
  Audiological Tests Matter
 For Health & Legal Needs
Text Box: Tina Kept Records…

Years ago Tina began
annual testing at AAHHS due to pre-existing 
hearing loss concerns.  
At work, a pressurized 
Hydrogen bottle cap blew off near her left ear.
A re-test showed new, 
additional hearing loss.  The Employer retained her and compensated.
Text Box: Equal Employment Opportunity
Failing a qualified worker can be costly.

We often get asked to intervene for workers who were unfairly “failed” by screeners
at incompetent One-stop physicals. 
Text Box: Dr. Anne Marie Taylor
Au.D., CCC-A
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 Everyone, everywhere

is exposed to NOISE.

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